Af Natur Er Du Kommet – Af Natur Skal Du Blive

Pen on paper

4 pieces of 120 x 120cm each

About the project

‘Af Natur Er Du Kommet – Af Natur Skal Du Blive’ is a personal project, where I visualize an old Australian tale. The motivation for the project started during a roadtrip down the Australian westcoast. Here I met and spoke to some of the indigenous people who live there. Their knowledge an approach to nature made me curious to know and understand more. The illustrated tale was part of a collection of written down tales that I found later on my travels.

The Danish Art Workshops

During a stay at the Danish Art Workshops I got the opportunity to fully focus on the project. Here I did the big and detailed part of transforming all my sketches and planned layout onto paper. Read more about the stay at The Danish Art Workshops here.

Personal Project

2014 – ongoing